Cornerstone - Somewhere in American

Austria has had its recognition in terms of classical music and now it is going to be known for something else, a hidden gem in the form of a four-piece rock outfit by the name of Cornerstone. There is no doubting the talented minds behind the band, which is comprised of Patricia Hillinger (vocals), Michael Wachelhofer (bass/keys/vocals) Steve Wachelhofer (guitar/vocals) and Mike Pawlowitsch (drums/percussion). Since signing to the US based label ATOM Records in 2008, the band has been touring and promoting their debut release 'Head Over Heels' all around the world. This new CD sees the band return with their unique blend of 80's fused rock.

From the outset the band create some really enjoyable tunes that prove they are able to add some 80's undertones to the deeper and tougher guitar melodies. There is a real punch attitude to the music while the band is able to create striking guitar riffs that unconsciously get some part of your body tapping or bopping along. The guitar solos are a perfect touch to the songs.

Songs such as 'Being Unaware' are notable for their lyrical content above everything else. The music is toned down, slightly poppier than most tracks while the vocals sing the lyrics beautifully, which you can really appreciate as one of the albums finest moments. Patricia's vocals also shine much brighter on the albums more tender tunes such as 'Breathing For You,' which is much more melodious in the making and the albums finest tune which is the piano ballad 'Right Or Wrong'. This song is intense and really builds on suspense. Although it builds in momentum and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for that all out explosion of music and the highest vocal imaginable, it ever quite delivers, even after an excellent guitar solo. This was a little disappointing, but a beautiful song never the less.

Cornerstone has made a talented and well thought out release, and hopefully some live UK dates in the near future.