Everything needed in a British(!) Punk band.

When I first read that Hudson supposedly sounded like a mixture of NOFX, Bad Religion and "smash-era Offspring" I laughed out loud. I mean... what? A mixture of the best melodic Punk bands around? Sure kids. But then I listened to the CD and I realised these three gentlemen from Stoke-on-Trent really might be on to something special.

With a voice reminiscent of Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Rich sings with such accusation that would not go amiss on early Bad Religion albums. I honestly don't think I can say a bad thing about this band. Every track has intense powerhouse drumming, especially poignant on tracks like 'Overdose', 'Rebecca', 'Get Out While You Can' and 'Ninety Nine Percent', which kicks off the album in the most amazing way, the energy behind this track is almost ridiculous, you can practically feel the heat from the mosh pit when listening to this track.

Rumbling bass that is reminiscent of Strung Out and NOFX, the guitar work is so fuelled with energy on every track but especially noticeable on 'Nothing Left', 'W761' and 'Five Years Wasted' could very well be the equivalent for The Offspring's' 'Self Esteem' for this band, a sing along anthem, and I do just that, I dare you not to sing along.

'Whore' is the track with standout lyrics, ending on the line "I got something wrong with me, think I've got an STD". Enough said- I was in hysterics. 'Rebecca' also has some incredibly poignant lyrics written about a girl in the crowd, it's hard to decipher whether Rich is kidding, or serious, but it's still a great sing none the less.

'Uninvited' displays Richs' voice best, one of the greatest things about this band is the fact that they don't try to hide their English accents behind fake Americanism and this song showcases that brilliantly. Again a track that oozes energy, so much so I think it may cause some peoples' stereos to explode.

This album shows intense diversity, some laugh out loud lyrics, some with more depth, and a huge amount of talent and energy, live this must be a full throttle experience that I can't wait to experience. There is a huge void of good, youthful, real British Punk right now, up and comers like The Fight and Hudson are destined for bigger and better things. Buy this album and be part of beginning of something special.