I Am In Love - Call Me An Animal

With a lot of drilled up interest from Radio 1 DJ's Edith Bowman, Huw Stephens and Greg James, I Am In Love's EP "Call Me An Animal" is setting them off for a massive run of attention.

Managing to pack so much difference into three tracks is incredible and starting off with 'Buccaneer Mastery', with a serious hook on their sound it's the "moreish" track on the EP, with heavy drums and a mix of layered vocals that drive it onwards and into new single 'Call Me An Animal'.

A very clean track, 'Call Me An Animal' is very similar to something found on the album of an 80's band. The layered vocals give off a warped sound that adds to the stand out factor of their image. Lacking that massive and much needed hook required of a single, makes one doubt their choice over 'Buccaneer Mastery', the stronger track of the three.

Closer 'Our Heroes Dilemma' starts off in enigmatic fashion with just the light notes of a piano combined with almost non-existent vocals before pounding in with heavy drums and a catchy guitar riff. The haunting vocals of Seb Twigden carry the song onwards, oozing that slight enigmatic feel as it draws to an eerie close bringing back the daunting silence after the end of an almost incredible record.

'I Am In Love' aren't quite there, wherever 'there' is, but the height and talent contained within these three tracks prove that they are certainly on their way.