The Xcerts Slackerpop

Scottish trio The Xcerts have spent the last few months on the road touring with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Young Guns and Manchester Orchestra, but now refreshed from the road they are releasing the single, 'Slackerpop'. Taken from the bands 'Scatterbrain' album, this single will be available on a limited edition Flexi Disc and unique download code, which will provide a listener with a specially recorded five track EP of stripped back recordings produced.

As well as the strong and powerful 'Slackerpop', which has one almighty chorus, the EP consists of 'Gum', 'He Sinks. He Sleeps', 'Young (Belane)' and 'I See Things Differently'. These tracks are stripped back to the bone, vocals laid out bare alongside the minimal of musical attributes, some gentle strumming, tapping or tings, nothing near the amount of electric arrangements used on their albums. To hear songs in such a manner brings forward the beautiful vocals and masterful minds that created such lyrics that usually hide between the rumbles of guitar riffs and pounding drums. Although their more electronic sound is divine, these exposed versions of their tunes make for a refreshing listen.

No matter how strong, satisfying and enduring you find these tunes nothing can prepare you for what lies in store when these three take to the stage. This EP is the perfect first listen for someone who has never heard of The Xcerts, but the album and subsequent live performances will knock you for six.