Finally the office is a fun place to be

Office Of Future Plans is the new band featuring Darren Zentek, Brooks Harlan, Gordon Withers and J Robbins, he of Jawbox, Burning Airlines and Channels, darling of the DC hardcore scene and prolific producer for bands as diverse as Clutch and mewithout you. It's not just those out there having Jawbox withdrawal that will love this record though, this is an album for all rock fans, it's full of warm, melodic tunes, chunky guitars and a hint of nostalgia.

From the opening strains of 'Salamander' with its verging on melancholic but rousing tone, you feel the powerful emotional pull of this record and you know it's all going to be great; catchy, punchy and you can rock out to it. Ripping quickly from one chunky tune to the next you are greeted with some pretty heady and sometimes noisy moments ('The Beautiful Barricades') but always the underlying melodies are strong and the beats grooveable with some fantastic bass lines and the odd blast of jagged guitars the result is an album that's so satisfying you may wonder how you ever got by without it.

From 'Lorelei' which has a poppy beginning with a super catchy tune but which manages to never feel like a pop song, to its follow up, 'Harden Your Heart' with quirky guitars and rockier beats to the fantastically moody 'You're Not Alone' and the politically charged but bouncy and infectious 'Fema Coffins', "Office Of Future Plans" is crammed with moments that already feel like classics and no doubt will be. We can't think of single reason not to recommend this great record and we expect it will be on a few top ten lists for the end of this year.