Savaging Spires - 'Savaging Spires ' LP Review

Savaging Spires Psych-Folk self-titled Debut LP isn't for everybody, but those thoughts don't past through the minds of artists such as these. They play what they enjoy playing but even so their debut long-player has managed to pick up rave reviews from WIRE magazine and a variety of others that carry less weight, but that is beside the point.

One niggle I have is with BOOMKAT's quote, - "Enchanting from the off, their eponymous debut is set to become a real cult classic". Yes I agree it is a clever talented and not your average fair but to brand an album so early in its inception is comic. No one knew 'Withnail`& I' would be such a classic, or Nick Drake's 'Bryter LaYter', I could go on but what I'm trying to say is that it takes years to find that 'Cult Classic' Niche. If Hugh Grant hadn't just taken the pittance he was paid for 'Four Weddings etc.' instead of 5 percent of the royalties he'd be rolling in it. How can anyone know this album is going to be a cult classic?!?

It's hard to but happen to like the music abundance on display here. What first hits is the irony in the album's title - "Savaging Spires" which on first impressions gives a whole distinct impression altogether. Maybe be the lyrics in 'Blackbird' counter that argument with lyrics "I was going alright/ till I almost set myself on fire" with the theme being suicide. The pagan eeriness the underrated invention of Tyrannosaurus Rex's re-union and the affectionate irreverence of Carf's Theological Prperty Forgery Series pieces.

Sit back with a glass of red wine at the end of a long day and listen to this CD as I can assure you that it will be money well-spent. On listening to the album for the 3rd time with its' intricacies and beautiful harmonies combining with perfected lyrics and unique vocals .

This is one great album that just keeps on producing the goods.