Take The Seven - Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious

With influences ranging from We Are The Ocean, Kids in Glass Houses, The Blackout and Funeral For a Friend, is there no wonder Take the Seven, an alternative rock quintet from Chesterfield, are on track for a brilliant 2012, and it all begins with this release.

"Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious" is the bands debut mini album and is a seven-track demonstration of the music created by a high performance, determined and very passionate band. The album opens with the upbeat and punchy 'Welcome to My Town' that really shows off the bands ability to not only create a musically tuneful song but a strong vocal and chanting harmonies that really make for a great listen. 'Through The Crossfire' follows this, with a little less punch but gets you yearning to hear more especially as the chorus kicks in. 'Duchess' takes a step back from kicking drums and pounding guitar riffs, moving away from the hearty playing of the previous two tracks to take a gentle and more emotive approach while containing the vocal strength and pushing it that much more.

'Ships and Sails' hits back with even more harmonious vocals and at several points stretches out, grabs your heart and begs you to lose yourself in the music. 'Burnout' and 'History is Written By The Victors' revert back to the slightly mellower side of Take The Seven, but tightening their strength and passion and taking a real hold of your attention. The concluding track, 'The Artist' takes the sentimental side of Take The Seven one-step further with a stripped down recording. With just a gentle guitar melody and vocal from Dan Molloy, this is a vast difference to the previous six tunes but shows the rounded and differing styles these guys can create.

From just one listen to these seven tracks and it is quite easy to hear just how incredibly passionate they are about what they are creating. 2011 has been a brilliant kick in the right direction for this up and coming band, having already played shows alongside Glamour of the Kill, Failsafe, Sense Fail and My Passion. However, after the release of this memorable record, 2012 looks set to be the year Take The Seven break free and head out on their own path.