Heady noise

Blacklisters' new single smacks of old school hardcore-punk 80s/90s style - to me it's very reminiscent of the dark and nasty Big Black and its also completely brilliant. Pumped full of jagged rhythms, screamed raw vocals and distorted riffs it's an intense and addictive track.

Opening with minimal guitar chimes, the odd squeal of feedback and almost unintelligible vocals you may be briefly lulled into thinking this will be another run of the mill alt rock tune but then we move into almost delicately formed but shrill guitar riffs before ripping into a wall of noise to make you lose yourself. The riffs are simple but hypnotic and smothered under intensely loud cymbal heavy drums. This tune is angry, uncompromising stuff but also bleeding through is that addictive danceable quality in the rhythms that you can't help moving to. Just can't get enough of it.