It's back.

Can you hear that sound? You can? Yes? Then run! Run for your dear little lives! Adult Orientated Rock is coming back! Leave the material possessions, they will be worthless in the netherworld if it catches you! Oh God, run!

Whoops, perhaps I've jumped the gun here by pushing the AOR-ALERT button, but seriously, if Kane aren't Adult Orientated Rock - a common buzzword for "dirge" - then perhaps I'm not human. It's the spacious sound and the general cheese of the music that lingers in the air. It's the fact that they're thirty-something Dutch guys who supported Bon Jovi on a massive tour and list U2 as one of their influences. It's the general impression you get by listening to them. Kane are AOR, there's no doubt about it, so don't take this one away from me!

The debut UK single from Kane, "Rain Down On Me"? Itís okay. You want more? The song has the general pop feel to it, hey, it might even reach the top 10 in the charts, as it's certainly pleasant enough, whilst the vocals provided by the "extraordinary" singer Dinand Woesthoff will no doubt win a few hearts.

Two CDs are available - the common rock music style A-side and B-side CD, as well as a CD with masses of remixes of the single track after the song. Why anyone wants remixes is beyond me, but if this sort of thing interests you, then you'll find no end of remixes, I promise you.

To summarise - if you can stand it, you will probably love it.