Quick To The 'NME band' Box?

Dugong are a bit odd, I don't think I could classify them into any one genre. Somewhere between indie, emo and just plain radio rock, lies Dugong.

Title track 'Quick to the City' leaves the mind confused and the body breathless, it's a fast paced emotional indie tinged number, perfect single material, it leaves me thinking that NME, Kerrang and Rocksound will all love this. 'Grave Dancer' and 'Trojan Horse' pass me by somewhat, leaving me anticipating the next track hoping for the same oomph displayed by the first track because these two tracks fall somewhere between Snow Patrol and Embrace. Yes, Xfm will surely have them on rotation soon enough.

'Silver and Gold' takes a softer approach, the guitar in a way intertwines with Matt Broadbents voice in an intricate way to make this track very unique, the song has an unusual arrangement, mixing it up a bit and making it all the more interesting to listen to.

'Blooded Ground' is slightly tinged with country and blues, with the plucky guitars, subdued bass lines and mellow lyrics proves to be a standout track on this short but sweet album, throwing itself into a full on rock song at the midpoint, once again stirring things up by going against the norm. 'Ain't Seen No Trouble Like Mine' is the angriest, most passionate song on this album, it runs very fast whilst keeping the melody. With frantic guitars and pounding drumbeats, Matt's screaming certainly doesn't go amiss on this track. Certainly a high note on which to end the album.

This CD provides an incredibly cohesive listen as at times they do remind me of a mixture of Fugazi and Coldplay. It's music you have to think about, but it grabs you as soon as you press play. The first and last tracks being clear standouts, both tracks displaying Dugong's versatility and talent. Surprisingly addictive, you'll want to listen until you can totally figure them out.