Nitroville - Can't Stop What's Coming

London based rockers Nitroville mix Rock and blues on their new album Can't Stop What's Coming.

Nitroville's music is far from 'trendy' by today's standards so fair play to them for daring to be different. Nitroville's back to basic blend of rock takes you to the deep south, their blend of blues-rock isn't ground breaking but Kurt Michael Boeck shows off some impressive guitar skills.

Bad Blood and Dust Devil perfectly sum up what Nitroville try to do with their music; gritty riffs and grooves; at times taking a darker turn than you'd expect from blues rock. It is clear that they are a bunch of talented musicians. Although based in London; Nitroville are an international band completed by a Danish bass guitarist and Brazilian drummer who bring their own flare to this traditional blend of music.

Can't Stop What's Coming quickly loses steam, there seems to be a lot of filler tracks on the album, the production is far from great - you could even say they are demo like at times, and on certain songs Tola Lamont's vocals could really use some work. There are points where the vocals seem whiney, off-key and it quickly begins to grate. Some songs are clearly unfinished and are messy and chaotic at times, which makes for a really uncomfortable listen.

I take my hat off to Nitroville for creating music that isn't deemed to be popular; there are some great riffs and catchy melodies on Can't Stop What's Coming but overall the album needs a lot of work. I don't know why Nitroville rushed into the studio, but hearing an album is hurried is never a good thing.