Jonny Cola and the A-Grades Halo

Since the release of last year's Postcode Wars EP and debut album In Debt London based quintet Jonny Cola and the A-Grades has been writing, recording and preparing for this follow up release Halo.

Making a distinctive break away from the norm with their sounds, Jonny Cola and the A-Grades open the release with the title track, a fairly calm lead song with mellow yet escalating vocals at the chorus. This initial demonstration of style is over turned with a rockier, poppier second track Rain Stopped Play. This one has an indie vibe, poppy melodies and a chorus you can sing along to. Ripples offers a slightly more reserved nature to Jonny Cola and the A-Grades with a slow start that later explodes full swing towards the end with a real mash of sounds. Concluding this rather unique collection of songs is a cover of Erasure's Ship of Fools, mixing some mystery, sharpened guitars, synths and a breath of fresh air.

There are so many underlying influences detected on this release from Suede, Bowie and Pulp to name but a few, each having some effect on the material recorded by Jonny Cola and the A-Grades, giving them a fresh new sound.