Breaching Vista - Vera City

Some people may already be familiar with the name Breaching Vista through the release of their debut EP. However, it is the release of their album Vera City that will likely pull in the crowds.

For those individuals that have never come across Canadian based rock outfit Breaching Vista before this album is the perfect introduction to the unique blend of toe-tapping, head bopping, poppy music infused with a punchy, hard-rock edge that this four-piece is able to accomplish. The thirteen track album opens with an instant rush of energetic melodies via We Are The Way, quickly demonstrating the talent that lies ahead. The release quickly moves forward with Sleep, a melodious number that one can't help but be impressed by. It really pulls on the ears and by the second chorus has you singing along with the lyrics as best you can, especially the "let me get some sleep" hook.

Alongside the punchy upbeat tracks, Breaching Vista is able to show they are more than capable of throwing out a few slower numbers that are just as impressive, sometimes even more so. Nervous combines acoustic and electric elements to make an epic sound and something that will send a tingle down your spine, while Reverie plays a little more on the emotions to fully put its energy across.

Together with the energy and enthusiasm that erupts by the bucket load, there are some elements such as the chanting and backing choir-like vocals of Forgive You, the united backing vocals of Run With The Punches and the female vocal contribution of Letters that make these songs even more stand out and really make a listener want to delve head first into the world of Breaching Vista.

Having already made quite an impact in Canada, Breaching Vista is set to take UK shores by storm with this album of radio friendly poppy rock. With fists punching the air and lyrics being belted out louder than you thought possible, there is no doubt any crowd these guys play to is going to be astounded by the performance. If a CD can make such an impression, there is no doubt a live performance will go down a storm.