Frenetic melodic

Snowing's debut full length has frenetic upbeat energy bursting from every bar, it's full of quirky riffs, distorted lo-fi textures and an intense vocal delivery layered over some great little catchy tunes. Admittedly there are a ton of American bands around at the moment peddling a similar sound but Snowing manage to bring everything together in just the right way to deliver a bouncy, scratchy, melodic album that gets under your skin (in a good way). As well as old school bands like Braid they compare well to say, Everyone Everywhere (melodic and catchy) or The Reptilian (angular and scuzzy).

There are moments on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted where you get a real visceral response, you are literally unable to sit still and are plagued with goosebumps, (look to tracks like Malk It) and it's this intense quality that makes Snowing's record so addictive; you'll crave it and will find it sneaking into your regular rotation easily, probably taking over for days at a time. They also do sweet and charming expertly too and you will find yourself melting away to the strains of Damp Feathers and bopping about happily to Why Am I Not Going Underwater's poppy harmonious verses and gang vocal choruses.

Yes admittedly the album isn't breaking new ground but when the package is so charming and intense that's irrelevant, and Snowing do have an identifiable sound, those influences don't take over but inform their music. If your a fan of those 90s 'emo' bands or the recent new crop picking up the melodic-rock-with-quirky-riffs banner than you'll love this.