Loving Love From A Distance...

The Machine Room have released their Love From A Distance EP with no fanfares, no frills; just a subtle introduction to their beguiling sound. Rather than storming into the vibrant indie scene and stamping their mark all over your ears, they've crept in like a magician peeking from behind a curtain at your living room party. Where it may be lacking in obvious intent, it certainly doesn't lack in character. The twinkling sounds of synth over the lo-fi edged ambiance are certainly pleasant and will be pleasing to many. But let's face it, wishy-washy boy-girl vocalised indie isn't ever going to offend. Well, unless you like your music like a scouring pad the the face or nothing. This is certainly more like a soft pelting with marshmallows.

The Edinburgh six-piece really know how to crank up the atmosphere as they continuously build layer upon layer of sound into vast horizons of freedom and space. Cost of Progress alone feels like a deep breath of fresh, chilly air. The slow pace and lazy shoegaze vibe suggest a promising contender for those late summer evening playlists, particularly in the upbeat tempo of Your Head on the Floor Next Door and the parting gift of Picking Holes, a mood building mind-crash of a track. Yes, The Machine Room may do things relatively quietly, but they're still making a lot of noise in their own right.

This EP is a calm, assured glimpse into the potential that a full length could bring. We expect much more witchery and magic from these Scottish shoegazers.