Post-Rock/Metal Mix

Echoes new EP With An Eye On The Shoreline & A Hand To The Sea is a beautifully judged hybrid of soaring post-rock and brutal (yet emotional) metal with a hardcore edge here and there. Leaving None Behind is superb; it combines skin tingling, uplifting riffs and intense walls of noise with a gruff, emotionally charged vocal delivery which is followed through to the more heavy duty Rivers, guitars surround you with even meatier riffs but still, even in these moments Echoes retain that light and uplifting touch which makes the whole EP more accessible - it never descends into sludge or a mass of unintelligible scuzz, they even throw in some gang vocals towards the end which you can't help but shout along to.

Ending with Safe It Seems the record leaves you with the urge to hit play again straight away; the Winchester five piece really do know how to push all the right buttons and this three track preview of the new album has got us all hyped to hear it in full. You can download these tracks for free from their website now.