Instrumental Weight

Chicago four piece Pelican are described as anything from post-metal to post-instrumental but however you label them they always produce some inspiring atmospheric work and new instrumental four track EP Ataraxia/Taraxis plays to all their strengths perfectly, each track showcasing an aspect of the band's impressive sound.

Opener Ataraxia layers lovely acoustic plucking over electric guitar fuzz for a drifting, soothing start. Lathe Biosas is chunkier but keeps things light with a fantastic uplifting melody carried by the guitars, as you would expect though there is an all encompassing, throbbing solidity to the bass grounding you throughout.

Parasite Colony is the darkest and moodiest of the four tracks, with super low bass and guitar circling each other superbly for some huge skin tingling moments you can lose yourself in. Final track Taraxis closes things nicely; a subtle and tuneful riff winding under a slow build of looping chords and scuzz, the resultant wave of sound just before the end is huge.