Summerlin You Can't Burn Out If You're Not On Fire

After going through several years of line-up changes, Yorkshire based quartet Summerlin has finally reached a point where they can sit comfortable as a band and reach out to music fanatics across the globe with their debut full-length album You Can't Burn Out If You're Not On Fire.

It may have taken four years for the band to reach a point where this release was ready to be set upon the world, but in this time they have been working their butts off touring, writing and recording. Where some musicians in their position would have either given up or blown a fuse with so many difficulties, changes and frustrations occurring, Summerlin decided to put their anger and energy into something they love, music, and from this have been able to write some wonderfully honest and heart-warming songs about the trials and tribulations they have been through. Take Sink Or Swim for example, which is about committing to something you want and written about an ex-member who was unable to do this.

Their music has a combined pop-punk sound with a layer of harder elements drilled in. The album kicks straight in with the fast paced opening tune Let It Go, a song that establishes the sound of the band and the type of songs you can look forward to hearing more of with its bouncy and uplifting atmosphere; imagine Blink 182, New Found Glory with a table spoon of early Madina Lake.

The choruses are not only musically catchy but lyrically able to get a listener joining in with the sing-a-long friendly rhyming couplets. As you listen you are able to move aside the harsh ruins of your day and lose yourself for a while in the bold nature of Summerlin. There is youthfulness in the music created here; an eagerness and passion for doing what they love. With this in mind, let's look forward to Summerlin and their hectic yet promising year.