Damm Jammage - She Drowned

Damm Jammage have always had two things going for them - an attention-grabbing name and unique, gravelly vocals. Latest single She Drowned doesn't skimp on the vocals, combining them with music that sounds like it's been lifted from a children's TV show, twisted beyond all recognition and slotted neatly back into place.

It's difficult to know what exactly to say about Damm Jammage as they constantly defy all genre-expectations and make it impossible for them to be pinned down or labelled. That aside, She Drowned is undeniably worth a listen, if only for the crazy head-whirling experience that you're sure to have.

The duet on the chorus is a particular highlight; Danny Rapscallion's growly male Tom Waits-esque vocals contrast beautifully with the more dulcet female tones of Jasmine Daniels. That, plus all the extraneous instruments thrown in (think glockenspiels, accordion and a more conventional piano) have almost a steam punk feel - mad, bad and dangerous to know. Definitely one for the most played list.