East Island City - 'Me and What Army?' Mini Album

It comes as no surprise that East Island City are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Since forming in May 2010, the band have released an EP which was downloaded an incredible 15,000 times, which has lead them to releasing the mini album Me and What Army?

This album took me by surprise by starting with a slow, acoustic intro which really showcases Greg McLoughlin's vocals. Although you can definitely appreciate his talent throughout the rest of the album, there is something about this track which demonstrates how easy his voice is to listen to. The track's chilled nature and simple, yet emotional lyrics really do create a fantastic build up to an energetic second track and catchy album on the whole.
The second track, No Tomorrow For You kicks off the pace for the rest of the album with bouncy guitar riffs and growly vocals, with a likeness of New Found Glory and more modern day pop punk bands such as You, Me at Six and Four Year Strong. The bands upbeat sound makes for a light hearted, fun, easy-listening mini-album, which shows huge potential for future records to come.

East Island City have been support over the previous couple of years to bands such as Twin Atlantic, Framing Haley, and My Passion, and it's clear to see why they're attracting so much attention.

This mini-album has a clean, polished sound, which only benefits the band's talent even more so, as you do not feel as though you are listening to a new, upcoming band - they sound like pop-punkers who've been on the scene for years.

One of the highlights of the album was the bonus track Nobody's Gonna Miss Us, which also featured female vocals that complimented McLoughlin's tone perfectly, and ends the mini-album as emotionally as it began - so you're not likely to forget what you've just been listening to in a hurry.