W!NSLOW 'Get Nice' Preview Review

Canadian melodic-punk rockers W!nslow are set to cause a scene on tour this summer with the release their second full-length album Get Nice. After listening to some of their un-mastered tracks, it's safe to say that once the album is completed it'll be a treat for fans of varying levels of punk - whether you prefer the more hardcore or perhaps more pop based tunes. The growly vocals and energetic rhythm of the band makes this record set to be a great summer soundtrack, with notes of noughties ska influence (without the brass!), and pop-punk energy with powerful vocals to take the edge away from being a typically light hearted 'poppy' punk band. The melodic, tuneful guitar riffs are tastefully clashed with blasts of upbeat, catchy lyrics and will appeal greatly to fans of The Wonder Years, The Damned Things, and Rise Against.

W!nslow will be doing a month long tour throughout Canada this summer, after releasing their new album "Get Nice" in June. Check W!nslow out on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.