Acoustic Rock

Musical taste is such a subjective thing; sometimes you'll listen to something and fail to make a connection or be put off completely by one tiny thing. On this record for this reviewer it was unfortunately the 'unique' vocal delivery of Cambridge acoustic rock artist Benjamin Sydes who is going it alone on this four track solo EP. As the vocals are the focus on this record once that connection had been lost the minimal backing of acoustic guitar wasn't enough to bring me back. Ben's theatrical extreme English accented croon feels like it would be more suited to a full band setting as it seems at times to lack the delicate touch one expects from acoustic performances. (Still In) Saigon does tip the scales slightly - using minor chord melancholy and muted percussion adds interest and straight away shows the potential in the melody. For those who appreciate Ben's delivery (having toured with Frank Turner, Sam Duckworth and Chris TT he's surely picked up plenty of them) this EP will no doubt be a must buy but for this reviewer unfortunately it didn't hit the spot.