French Hardcore-Punk

French hardcore five piece Wake The Dead use a pleasing melodic base to back their screamy, weighty hardcore-punk tunes.

EP opener Mon Rave Familier employs well trodden touches like gang vocal shouts and changes of pace to mix things up but they perform them with such passion and energy that you can't help be swept up in it all.

Follow up tune Reaching The Sky is one of the best tracks on the EP with lovely distorted bass sound and chunky riffs and further in The Feeling Inside holds your attention with a huge variety of riffage; the rising and falling sections are especially effective and the vocals are spot on too.

As far as hardcore punk goes, Meaningless Expectations isn't a particularly inventive mix of sounds but it is a really solid and hugely satisfying record and if you're a fan of the genre it should slot in to your collection with ease.