Gabby Young & Other Animals

Can you remember the last time you experienced something that made you say, 'wow'? There was a toothpaste advert a few years ago that claimed it's minty fresh feeling could, but we're not sure if that really counts. Instead, give Gabby Young and Other Animals a go. They're much more enjoyable and worthy of that 'wow'. Latest record The Band Called Out For More is absolutely gorgeous- full of colour, rich sensations and the most intoxicating performances. The "world's finest purveyors of circus swing" have truly excelled themselves this time.

One really has to resist the temptation to draw parallels to Florence, of the and-the-machine fame, mainly on account of the flaming red hair, eccentric taste and charismatic vocal. Poor Gabby must get sick of it. But taking into account the retro vibe in her smoothly feminine vocal, there is much more similarity to the ballsy Imelda May than Ms Welch much of the time. The blend of this striking front woman with the intriguing instrumentals and strong creative identity makes this record exceptionally engaging. Even when the band isn't going flat out with toe-tapping swing (In Your Head), they move effortlessly through their creation of mood, from casting a spell of mysterious drama (The Band Called Out For More), to being a beautiful, simple whisper of a love song (The Male Version Of Me).

Gabby Young and Other Animals embrace so much within these thirteen tracks. While the presence of brass, piano and accordion amongst other striking sounds of her band may set a certain vibe, they don't allow it to restrict them. They are also influenced by operatic touches, classic icons like Edith Piaf, music hall dances, sultry burlesque, smoky jazz clubs and all things avant-garde. Anyone who can curveball a mariachi lover's serenade (Horatio) out of the blue has to be pretty switched on... and pretty crazy. And that's exactly why we like them. It's a spellbinding blend that sets them both in the distant nostalgic past as well as their own parallel universe in the future. Their inventiveness and creativity makes this that 'wow' experience we've always been looking for, and we can guarantee you won't have heard anything quite like them before.