Noisy indie-rock

We're really liking this record from Leicester based four piece Codex Leicester who take their moniker from one of Leonardo D Vinci's notebooks. Their jagged and noisy indie-rock is similarly quite intriguing and varied, this new EP opens with Strong Like Bull which is short but sweet, a strong mix of heavy duty riffage and synth melodies with high pitch shouting.

At times the band's sound comes off like a cross between Yourcodenameis:Milo, and The Automatic (you could probably include Young Legionnaire in there too although that may be one Paul Mullen reference too far). All six tracks included here are solid and worth checking out, especially Oh Wichita which adds a great sing along section (the shouted words of the title) into the mix and makes for a pretty addictive track and the fantastic closing track S S Supersleeper which is arguably the strongest track on the EP; it has progressive leanings, is richly layered with a slightly distorted guitar sound and feels pretty weighty at times. Recommended.