Lay It On The Line - A Lesson In Personal Finance

Lay It On The Line, a hardcore band originating from South London, featuring ex-members of Phinius Gage and Not Katies, present A Lesson In Personal Finance the far more accomplished follow up to their demo EP Midnight In The Bellagio.

A Lesson in Personal Finance serves up a short but brutal lesson, written about Mike (Vocals) and Matt's (Drums) former head teacher who was murdered by a rentboy to whom he owed money, as rumour has it, the rentboy exacted revenge by breaking into the head teachers house, robbing him (presumably to compensate for money owed) and then killing him for good measure.

Comprising of four tracks amounting to six minutes and fifty two seconds of noise, A Lesson in Personal Finance an EP written, perfected, recorded and mixed in just four days, combines guttural vocals with heavy yet melodic guitar and blast beat drumming, to invoke a dark and violent scene, which is perfect to recount this grim tale.

Pay you Rent, Boy the shortest track at a mere fifty five seconds, is a pure barrage of anger and noise clearing borrowing from a traditional hardcore sound, in comparison to ...And They Stole The TV, probably my favourite track, which has a more put together aggressive punk rock feel with a hint of metal-esque guitar riffs.

A Lesson in Personal Finance, think Outbreak with a hint of Deathskulls, is well worth a listen as it showcases the bands ability as musicians and songwriters, drawing on various influences, whilst concisely telling a story without straying from the point.

You can catch them live:
Southampton - 8th July @ The Joiners, Southampton
London - 12th August @ Underworld (Camden Carnage, supporting Ignite)