White Clouds and Gunfire release debut EP

Although White Clouds and Gunfire formed in Peterborough back in 2008, it has taken them some time to fully commit to the band, put down some foundations and have five steady band members; Eveline on vocals, Lewis on drums, Rob on bass and Jake and Ben (current guitarist As We Climb) playing guitars.

Since the band fully came together and became a stable five piece back last year, they have recorded Zero To Hero, their up-tempo melodic rock debut EP. The four track release opens with the bouncy You Think You Know Me, a track that with its energy driven and lively guitars make for the perfect introduction to this energetic quintet. Satellite quickly follows suit with another set of pounding rhythms and vibrant choruses. Stand To Be The Hero is tighter in sound and remains driven. The closing tune Turn Out The Lights is once again lively and energetic and has a chorus you can't help but want to sing along with. The occasional accompanying male vocal that supports the female voice of lead singer Evey, keeps things interesting, but more of this and the chanting harmonies would have excelled the band even greater; the closing tune remains the best example of this.

White Clouds and Gunfire hit the road later in the year to support the release of this record and we can't wait.