Fantasy Rainbow O'Weirdo Single review

Fantasy Rainbows latest single release O' Weirdo was released 20th august by Heist or Hit records; this Manchester based indie band released their single on a multi-coloured vinyl. This release is yet another teaser from Fantasy Rainbows as they're currently in Tennessee recording a full length album with producer Vance Powell, due for release November 2012.

The single O'Weirdo is easy on the ears despite the vocals reverb being slightly too high, the guitar frequently changes from distorted and Harsh sounding to soft, almost acoustic. Luckily this change in tone doesn't damage the single but improves it, delivering a youthful, anxious piece of indie-rock.
Vinyl also features a B-side Para Parakeet which is immediately heavier on the rather minimalist drums of O'Weirdo the vocals seems a little drowned out and dull on this track coupled with the heavily repetitive guitar and drums weakens this release a little. But if O' Weirdo is any indicator of the upcoming album, then I'm excited.