Heavy. Furious. Fun.

Whilst this band may originate from North London, you would be forgiven to think they actually come from Texas or Louisiana after listening to A Breakdown of Character. Driven provide us with a powerful breed of blues influenced metal with this brilliant hard-hitting EP. With definite hints of a volatile mix of Biohazard and Pantera in their sound, each track is laden with heavy riffs, intricate solos, and a thrashing drum performance. The interlinking style of harsh and cleaner vocals, from lead singer Adam, also works really well especially in the second track Silver Lining which is the definite high-point. The track begins with an intense explosion of thrash styled riffs alongside the vocalist screaming the lyrics with mad ferocity then quickly moving into a more sing-along chorus, before it then reverts back into the chaos. Some of the riffs and pinched harmonics produced during the latter part of this track (and throughout the EP) are so heavy and catchy at the same time, even the very best riff-lords would be proud of them. Whilst yes I have started this review looking at track number two, this does not take anything away from the opener on the EP, The Fool. This track does everything it has to as an opener as it leaves you desperate to hear more. The chanting of "We don't need no f**king home!" at the end is sure to get audiences riled up live. Admittedly I am quite ashamed to say I didn't expect a whole hell of a lot when loading this into the CD tray, but I am so happy my cynical thoughts were quickly brushed aside.

All of this is absolutely consistent throughout the E.P. It would be easy to go through each track and break it down piece by piece, but truly its one of those you just have to hear because I feel my words will not give it enough justice. The track Vacant Throne is another real high point on this E.P. It is to my understanding that they have recently been announced for Hammerfest next year and this track is definitely going to be getting those pits going. It is very clear almost immediately that these tracks would all be great live.

These five songs are good, really good, and its left me really looking forward to what Driven may bring in the future. Heavy, furious and fun, this is what music should be. If you listen to this and you don't want to dance around and get f**ked up then I feel sorry for you. A Breakdown of Character drops on the 15th October through iTunes, do yourself a favour and get involved.