Uncontrollable Urge - Dirge

When you think of Florence, Italy music is not the first thing that springs to mind, but that's where Uncontrollable Urge hail from and they are now releasing their debut album Dirge.

Opening track Your Way To See is an interesting number, it contains a variety of different sounds but turns out to be the perfect introduction to a band who take you on a musical rollercoaster with their huge soundscape.

Unfortunately for Uncontrollable Urge less than halfway through the album I have an urge to stop playing the album, had I not had to listen to it, that urge would have become uncontrollable.

Every song on Dirge sounds completely different to it's predecessor, you honestly don't know what way Uncontrollable Urge are going to turn next. Despite the chaos, on Dirge the songs work, they are well performed and produced. However, the vocals leave a lot to be desired, causing the urge to switch off. The songs are too lengthy not to have every element working, the longer the songs play for, the more aware you become of the missing link.

Uncontrollable Urge have a lot of potential, if they can figure out a way to condense their songs and maybe find a little bit more focus, especially on the vocal front, they'll be onto a winner.