A Plastic Rose - Camera.Shutter.Life

After a very busy 2011, Northern Ireland based act A Plastic Rose kicked off the New Year supporting Snow Patrol. The band consists of four hardworking and dedicated musicians and it appears they plan to end the year with the release of their debut album, Camera.Shutter.Life.

The album kicks off with the amazing Build From The Ground Up that has an almost folk-like presence and an imprint of the bands Irish roots. Although opening with a strong yet delicate string led intro, there is nothing subtle about this band. This string emphasis continues throughout and is surrounded by drums crashing and vocals yelling the words with in their Irish accent. All You Know and Love Will Die is packed with energy, a touch of aggression and urgent vocals while ...and The Sea begins with a slower pace but bursts with aggressive choruses, screams from one vocalist while signing from another and the music bursting at the seams. These songs bursts into being and really capture the attention of the listener; it is just a shame the album isn't full of tunes like these.

Kids Don't Behave Like This is milder but has moments that burst with music, overcharging things a tad too much at times causing more of a screech of sounds rather than melodies. It is at this point things tend to go downhill and the album sinks into ballads type material. Indian Sheets is a slower tune with a wonderful piano when can be heard through the over other powering instruments. Fading Pictures is more of the same, with some small inserts of folksy music while Sun's A Shadow only kicks off towards the end.

Foreign Soil is vocally one of the albums most appealing songs as gruffer and more aggressive tones stand alongside the main vocal. The background screams add a lot to this songs enjoyment. A firm favourite is Boy Racer which explodes from the minute it begins with drums ragging like a bull in a china chop and guitars effortlessly sounding electric. The chorus will have you screaming the words while the verses will have arms waving from side to side when played live.

For the most part, choruses are huge, music is melodious and vocals perform well. However there are just a few moments that sound out of place at times and too many slower instances.