Gary Moore - Legacy

Gary Moore is one of music's most under-appreciated guitarists and flew under a lot of radars despite playing in Skid Row and Thin Lizzy. Sadly, Moore passed away in February 2011 following a massive heart attack which was reportedly linked to a large consumption of alcohol.

Legacy is a perfect and timely release that celebrates his contribution to music. I can't say I was overly familiar of Moore's work although I knew his name, but I was surprised by the amount of songs I knew on this 32-track release.

In terms of guitar playing, Moore seamlessly switches between a variety of genres on this release, yet, his voice remains distinctly familiar throughout. No matter what he was doing with his axe, it's clear that Moore had a great understanding of his voice, and how to use it to the best of its ability.

This album proves what a talented songwriter and musician Moore was, he seemed to be able to turn his hand to a variety of genres and make it work for him. Whether you know his work or not; Legacy is a pleasure to listen to.

Legacy is a wonderful tribute to the late, great Gary Moore, it's a shame his life was cut short, as he offered so much and his premature passing silenced one of the most under-rated yet vastly talented guitarists of our time.