Kamikaze Test Pilots - Kamikaze Test Pilots

There's no missing Kamikaze Test Pilots African roots on their self-titled album Kamikaze Test Pilots.

Kamikaze Test Pilots were started in 2005 by brothers Ryan and Wes Niemandt who hail from Zimbabwe. With the addition of bassist Simon Buckett and lead guitarist Chris Charles, the boys now make a type of music they like to call 'punkle rock'.

The album opens with Dinosaur a bass heavy number that makes you bolt upright and pay attention. As soon as it starts playing, you struggle to keep still. It's one of those songs you know you have to see in a live setting because the whole crowd will go bananas - its completed by a catchy chorus which you are guaranteed to be singing in no time and it will get stuck in your head. Dinosaur could almost be described as System Of A Down with African flavours.

One of the highlights of the album is Chicken; once again it's bass heavy but it's a beautifully simple little number. The pace of the track is just perfect, as is the vocal work. You can hear every element of Kamikaze Test Pilots on this number and appreciate just how well the four guys work together and how tight they are.

Kumusha follows and is another standout track; the bongo led intro is wonderful and instantly makes you want to get up and start dancing. This track is the perfect homage to the Niemandt brothers heritage.

Kamikaze Test Pilots may call their music punkle rock but I call it freakin' awesome, Kamikaze Test Pilots is a great release from a fun, original and talented band.