Middle name Danger...ous impressions. Doesn't quite sound the same.

The Dead Fronts are clearly influenced by the Indie Rock and Roll that is out there today, the singing is on par to Arctic Monkeys and the melodies sound like something you'd find on one of Klaxons more mellow songs while at some points sounding like American rock outfit Brand New. Still this shouldn't be a bad thing should it?

Dangerous Impressions starts off quite small, the vocals are powerful but the music just seems so tiny in comparison, it quietly builds until it can't be contained anymore and finally it's let loose but even now it doesn't seem to have the gigantic humungous drop it deserves but it is still done justice. The melody it produces at the end is guaranteed to be stuck in your head.

The second song Killer Bee starts off with a simple bass note that instantly draws you into the song and won't let you go until the end. The vocals on this song really come out to play; the range that they are producing is pretty staggering almost in comparison to the high vocals on a Muse song. This song is better than the first, it has more life pumped into it with the high vocals and the little guitar solo in the middle, accompanied by the rest of the sounds this song is incredible.

On first reflection People Talking seemed like the quiet song to calm down this EP but when it kicked in it is definitely another addition to the odd but awesome sound that this band are producing. Not quite rock but not quite indie, a lovely little section in the middle that is otherwise quite unexplored. This song is definitely the heaviest on the EP so far, as it gets really paced and out of breath at the end.

The next song Fake completely threw me, the start sounded like post Nightmare Arctic Monkeys (when they lost it a bit) and then hard rock that would blow your hat right off including fantastic screaming in the vocals. This is a band that clearly like to mix the boundaries and abuse music...but in a good way. By the end of the song you sit there in bewilderment in a kind of 'what did I just listen to?' trance. Awesome song!

And so we come to the final song on this EP Forward Machine, not before Fake gives us it's grand finale in a way that shouts 'OI THIS ISN'T OVER YET!'

Forward Machine has a sound that has not been heard for a long time; remember back in 2007 and everywhere you looked you saw a band called Razorlight? Remember them? No one does really, this song has essence of Razorlight all over it. Only an essence though because as I've already stated, this is a band that like to mix the genres. In the middle we get some music that would be best seen on a Jimmy Eat World album, the vocals are still quite Arctic Monkeys...but hey it sells. The ending to this song Is magnificent, the instruments come together in a great harmony and along with the vocals just sounds awesome!

This CD has truly been a pleasure to listen to. The Dead Fronts debut EP Dangerous Impressions is available now! Try and get it and give it a bash. You won't be disappointed.