The Offenders - Lucky Enough To Live

Since their formation in Italy back in 2005, The Offenders has sold thousands of records and played hundreds of live shows and now they are releasing album four titled Lucky Enough To Live.

These Ska rockers start the album with Leaders Fall Down, a song written about the bands concerns on world events last year. It has a quick start; remains upbeat at all times and instantly gets your foot tapping with the rhythms created. This is the main course of action throughout the album, to create upbeat, fast paced and energetic ska punk music. However, although the ska feature is prominent throughout this release, becoming dominant on tracks such as Antisocial Beat, I'm Not Giving Up and Before They Will Find Out, there are other elements that really kick off and add to the listening experience.

There is a reggae feel to Sounds From Underground that really sets things alight. The combination of keys and guitar are brilliant and the harmonies in particular are made prominent - this is a track that has you thinking of youthful times and your first musical endeavours. It is the guitar riffs and keys working as one that engage your attention with Never Trust A Smart Guy, really getting you on your feet and wanting to jump around. It is literally impossible to keep still for this power pop number.

Next on the agenda is Bootboys Smash The Dancefloor, yet another toe tapping tune, with Alex (aka Captain Elysium) really making headway with the keyboard, it becomes quite interesting to hear. Tattooed On Your Heart is a tune reflecting on times that have gone by but been left behind as memories in your heart, much like a tattoo to skin. It is one of the more electric numbers, much like Keep On Cary On. Sun Made R'n'r focuses a lot more on the electric guitar riffs that can be used to create a summer made melody - R'n'r (Rock and Roll) certainly putting its foot down (thanks to vocalist/guitarist Valerio) and makes its presence stand out and a firm album favourite.

Topping off the well-crafted album is the wonderful addition of harmonies really coming together on tracks such as The Streets Where I Belong, Time For Glory and the title track, where the harmonies really shine through. This will be a surprisingly engaging listen for all, even individuals who previously have had a little less interest in ska styled tunes as it blends in many more elements. Listen out for a special something that pops up after the last track has completed playing.