Formidable Screamo

Taking cues from the bruised and broken original incarnation of screamo, Florida's Rescuer present themselves as an immediate and exciting new whirlwind of daggers in sharp and furious debut album With Time Comes The Comfort . One of multi-textured burgeoning American label Rise Records' more recent signings, the band present a record that's engaging through its scarred portrayal of the human soul. With heavy nods to Saetia, the quintet evoke the kind of burning emotion that simply needs to come out, as reignited by the likes of Defeater and Touche Amore over the past two years, but with a more screamo than hardcore twist.

Melody-infused guitar-lines serve as a constant storming undercurrent to frontman JP Marra's jagged confessionals without a moment's respite, save for sudden and swirling melodic breaks, speaking of how he's "burning out [his] eyes" in opener Breathe and how he's spent "seven years of waking up" in the pleading Bring Me Back, it's twelve sharp bursts of lyrical desperation and admittance that serves for a bruising listening experience. Post-hardcore elements explode all over the place too, the cutting skyscraper lead on Too Far Gone wonderfully reminding of truly classic material of the field while Locked Inside possesses an invigorating pace that shoots out without any constraint. Everything about the record hurls itself forward and fireworks into the ear canals with serious sparks. The record sears across its extent with a fire and a vitality that carries it well above their mutually young peers.

This is a stellar debut that's fired completely out of the blue from Tampa Bay. Emotive and affecting, this is well worth your time.