Nylon Sky - One Of The Best New Bands Around

The start of 2013 finds us at a very exciting point for rock music. Yeah granted, everyone says that every year, but we're only two weeks in and massive bands are delivering trailblazers, promising bands are stepping up like they don't want anything else more in the world and exciting brand new bands are flying straight out of nowhere.

Guildford's Nylon Sky find themselves in the latter category and the fact that they're still a musical secret to most is sure to change swiftly over the coming months such is the seriously killer nature of their innovative sound. Mixing seething rap, barely-contained splitting screams and skyscraper choruses that sound like early Incubus, Lostprophets and Deftones in a sprawling fist-fight, it's a deeply immersive mix that has the emotive force of a thousand razorblades flying in unison. Last year's Barbie Heads And Computer Rooms is a perfect introduction to the quartet's sound with slamming tracks like Man Down or Woah stepping forward alongside more contemplative brooding and sad moments like Otherside Of Welcome Mats. The collection represents an eclecticism that you don't always come across in such a young band.

With the band currently putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming debut album Little Things, Bigger Picture due in May, first single Tell Me (They) opens up a slightly more delicate side to the band with frontman Tony Humphries singing most of the track, save for a sudden firespitting rap-break halfway through, and suggests that the album is going to be another eclectic affair with even more sides to their sound being revealed.

Nylon Sky have already delivered a bunch of interesting, fresh and forward-thinking stuff and they're promising even greater things to come. Get involved now! The video for Man Down can be viewed below: