Eclectic brilliance

The Scaramanga Six are a British band who show off so many musical styles it is frankly hard to keep track. But this is what defines them, and this is what makes them so good. Over the years they've showed that if you've got the talent and imagination you can do pretty damn well for yourself, operating completely self-sufficiently. Their cult following will push the view that this band are the British answer to the likes of the Queens of The Stone Age, and from Phantom Head alone they do actually have a bit of a point.

Each track feels like a story, with the deep lyrics and music beautifully woven together to create tracks you can really lose yourself in. These are all great rock n' roll tunes, with clear punk influences, but it's the little delicate nuances throughout that just take it to the next level. A perfect example of this is the track Twist The Knife. The riffs and all the energy are there but the lyrics and effortless way in which the band move from one section to the next makes it just gripping. It feels like a weird mash up between Faith No More and The Pixies. Other highlights across the album are the dark and mysterious The Bristol Butcher and the aggressive We Are The Blind. All in all this is a really top album, one that has certainly encouraged me to indulge into the rest of their back catalogue. Open up your minds and immerse yourself into the weird and wonderful world of The Scaramanga Six, you won't be disappointed.