Hadouken! - Every Weekend

Hadouken! are back with their third album Every Weekend and it is exactly what we have come to expect from the London based quintet.

The opening track The Vortex has a synth heavy intro, which is a big clue as to where this album will take you. The track is very simple and has a commercial sound that will no doubt make it a huge hit in the club scene.

While the tracks seem to be well performed, they do get more than a little samey and it becomes hard to distinguish in between tracks. The songs on Every Weekend will no doubt pack dance floors every weekend, but listening to the album at home becomes a bit of a struggle.

Bad Signal is the standout track for me, purely because it shows off the band's lyrically skills more than any other song on the album, and as the focus is on social media, I'm sure a lot of people will relate.

Some fans will love that Hadouken! have stayed true to their roots on Every Weekend, others will wish they had experimented, however, it does have a true Hadouken! sound so no matter what their opinion is regarding experimentation or lack there of, I'm sure they will get a lot from the album.