Musical homicide!

Garage styled rock and roll with eccentric and wild vocals are the order of the day for Bristol's Saint Pierre Snake Invasion. Call The Coroner is a riotous couple of minutes (great video by the way, check it out here) that is guaranteed to make you go all wide eyed and intense whilst you leap about like a loon! It would benefit from a bigger chorus but as a first introduction to the band it'll do just fine thanks.

The other tracks on this EP vary in pace but all retain the same level of intensity; from the grinding dirge of Encore! Encore! to the fast paced Hey Kids! Do the Choke Stroke and the vibrant U.S.S>A. Singer Damien Sayall lets rip over all of them and the overall feel is somewhat chaotic but that's exactly what it should be. If rumours are to be believed it's the live environment where the band really shine and I'd have to agree that if they can replicate the feel of this EP live then it will be quite something.

The only concern is that the tunes aren't that memorable and I'm not sure I'd want to listen to a whole album at this stage. They're not far away though and if they can just tap into the odd monster riff then they could be on the verge of bigger and better things.