Endless Dark - Made of Glass

Icelandic six-piece band Endless Dark explode with the release of their Ep Made of Glass, incorporating an abundance of elements from metallic riffs, catchy melodies, melodic hooks as well as powerful guitars, synth keyboards and a blend of clean and aggressive vocals.

Opening the release is Fading From You and it demonstrates this blend of elements perfectly. The verses merge the two vocal styles together flawlessly while the chorus favours the sing rather than scream. Like the verse/chorus vocal blend, musically the track favours a harder style with touches of something a little lighter with the synth keyboards at the end adding a nice touch. Creature busts with energy from the get go, releasing the powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums topped off with some dark atmospherics. This is followed by Cold Hard December, opening with the synth sounds which ignites some rough drumming and fast paced guitars as well as some vocal harmonies becoming notable.

Awful Place is unlike any of the other four tracks. It is slower in pace with gentle guitars and drumming, vocals are softer and keys stand out more. After hearing the previous three tracks, you may expect it to explode near the end, but it remains calm and collected which is interesting, demonstrating a new side to the band and even more depth. The Ep closes just as it opened with Shooting Star Press becoming loud and energetically driven.

The bands hybrid creation of clean/scream vocals and musical blends of hardcore, synth keys and upbeat melodies makes for a worthwhile twenty minute listen.