Crosson - Spreading the Rock 'n' Roll Disease EP Review

Crossons Debut release, Spreading the Rock 'n' Roll Disease is definitely one hell of an infectious EP. But not to worry, all you will catch from this CD is an addiction to the music!! This band is obviously all about the catchy rock with their huge Queen like harmonies and immense guitar solos particularly on I'm not Afraid. Fronted by vocalist and lead guitarist Jason Crosson and backed by two sexy, often pvc clad "stage movers" Crosson are futuristic rock warriors merging 80s rock sounds with a splash of punk and theatrical harmonies.

I'll be honest, I really wasn't expecting to like this EP in the slightest, but after about 30 seconds of the excellent guitar work on track one, Spreading the Rock 'n' Roll Disease I was won over. Think Sex Pistols merged with The Darkness and you're only about half way there...Mixing heavy rock, metal vocals and a tongue in cheek attitude with their visually enticing image along the vain of rock gods KISS, Crosson are collecting quite a cult following. Their new singleAll About the Music amassed an impressive 35,000 hits in the first three weeks alone on Youtube!

Mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Poison) and European metal producer Mikko Karmilla (Nightwish, Edguy, Stratovarius) this EP contains six powerful and ridiculously addictive rock tunes and by my third listen to the CD I found myself singing along to the catchy choruses on Lies and Take Another Shot.

Not my normal style of music I confess, but I think this EP should be on everyone's "guilty pleasure" list.

After a quick Google search and a mooch around the bands website and facebook page, I'm now desperate to see what kind of show these guys put on. I can only imagine the amount of energy they have on stage and the choreography they would put together. All I can envisage is a mass of smoke, pvc and mad lighting with insane costumes and one HELL of a show!

If you're up for a piss taking rock and roll rollercoaster ride, you sure as hell wont be disappointed by Spreading the Rock 'n' Roll Disease