KingShifter - 26 Tons

Hailing from Kansas, KingShifter roll in with a groove-heavy release known as 26 Tons.

Opening track; Peace Of Mind grabs your attention immediately, it is an extremely fast but likeable number which quickly makes you realise that KingShifter are not your typical southern rock band.

The riffs on 26 Tons are colossal and just keep coming, keeping you engaged and fully involved in every track. From start to finish the energy on this eleven-track album barely lets up.
Downin' Booze Raisin' Hell is my favourite song on the album; a real party song and the perfect track to listen to as you leave work on a Friday afternoon. This song is bound to become a fan favourite during KingShifter's live shows.

KingShifter Style is another fabulous number which has the unique ability to make you want to head down to the shops for a six-pack of beer while listening to it. STFU (& Die Already) is another standout track, it has a bit of an Ace Of Spades feel to it; it's incredible punchy and you'll soon find yourself shouting along with the chorus.

26 Tons is an incredible debut album; a heavy yet extremely likeable release with enough diversity within tracks that it keeps things interesting. Every track is distinguishable in its own right. Here's hoping they tour the UK soon as Kingshifter's music would be nothing short of amazing in the live setting.