KaiDekA - A Blissful Image of a Dystopian Vision

Cornwall's KaiDekA are back with their aggressive second album A Blissful Image of a Dystopian Vision.

The album opens with a spoken dialogue which is full of anger which immediately makes you think that you are about to be attacked by a musical onslaught, that onslaught soon kicks in as chugging guitars and pounding drums shortly come thumping out of the speakers.

Second up is Higs Bosun which is an extremely strong and hard hitting track, which shows frontman Daz Partridge to have an impressive pair of lungs as he screams and shouts his way through the four-minute number.

There is a good amount of variation to keep things interesting and make KaiDekA stand out from the hundreds of thrash metal bands whose songs are so similar they merge into one another with no means of making each song distinguishable.

The band are extremely impressive in a musical sense, playing like madmen and giving their chosen instruments a really good workout along the way. Their music is ferocious but somehow endearing, leaving you wanting more.

While A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision may not be the most easy listening release of 2013, it does have a level of accessibility, which will make the album appeal to more than just fans of their genre.