Baby Godzilla - Knockout Machine EP Review

Described as "five tracks which will destroy everything you have ever loved. It is frantic, hellish, extremely aggressive and fucking angry", after giving Knockout Machine a listen, I can certainly agree.

A Good Idea Realised opens with hard-hitting and fast paced drumming (which really sets the tone for the rest of the EP) followed by the brutal screaming vocal style of Baby Godzilla's lead singer. This really is the most aggressive of the five songs within the EP, working as a good opener (although not on the melodic side).

The chaos continues with Trogloraptor, the second of five tracks, being a minute long display of fury/ enragement (and any other anger related adjectives you can imagine), followed by Whorepeado, track three of five following a similar suit although slightly longer (and with some slower sections included).
A Great Idea Bastardised launches in a usual speed metal-esque fashion with fast paced drums and guitar segments, whereas In The Name Of Science And Progress opens with broken and distorted vocals, soon kicking into the previously mentioned aggressive instrumental elements.

Overall an album for those in favour of speed metal, hardcore (or generally something heavier) and definitely not for the faint hearted.