Easy Company - Hello World

Easy Company is a four piece rock band hailing from New Jersey. For their current EP Hello World the band has taken inspiration from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys and then added their own 50 cents on top.

The EP opens with the crashing drums and electric guitars of See No Evil. Although this track becomes a lively little three minute number, the magnitude of the music as it is forced upon your ears does overpower the vocals to some degree that the two tend to bump into each other rather than blend and intertwine. La Di Da doesn't really build on the music a great deal. The vocals are a little more audible on this tune than the previous one, with the chorus really pushing the boundaries, but the music remains more 'crash bang wallop!' than melodic.

Fuego takes things down a notch in comparison to the two previous tunes. The guitars become more rhythmic and the vocals intertwine beautifully with the melodies created. Even as the tune gains momentum, things are not pushed over the top that they begin to fall apart. The musical interlude that pops out midway through demonstrates the musical talents the band are capable of achieving. From the Clouds takes note from its predecessor and remains fairly melodic with an electric guitar solo. No Return reverts back to an upbeat nature while the vocals and music continues to work well together and intertwine well and closes the EP with a bang.

Although there may be a few downfalls at the start, the remainder of the Hello World five track EP really sets the band alight and shows the potential growing inside.