Raging Bull

Hearing new bands that you have never heard of before is a double edged sword, some are a pleasant surprise while others make you put your head in your hands wondering what did you do tin a previous life to be forced to listen to this? Scratch The Floor's 5 track EP, Rage, is one of those that falls clearly into the former category.

4 out of the 5 tracks are powerful, angry and aggressive without going over the edge, just enough to get those endorphins pumped up inside of you. The guitars, drums and vocals are all perfectly placed and fit together like the proverbial glove. The self-titled opener, Rage, sets the tone perfectly, fast paced and, as you can guess from the title, full of, well, rage that makes you glad you are not the person the track is aimed at! Last track Deadlock is a real fist pumping, leg stomping affair and the "Boo" from lead singer Sid was reminiscent of James Hetfield on Enter Sandman. This is pure jet propelled, full on rock.

The ballad Stay Awake does stand out a bit like a sore thumb compared to the other 4 tracks. While not a bad track by any means, I was just itching for it to kick into something harder as the track progressed. But that should not deter from what is a highly enjoyable and impressive EP. The biggest shock is that Scratch The Floor are not from any of the recognised music powerhouses that their music suggests but from Georgia.