SpeedShot - Suck EP

Bedfordshire based rock band SpeedShot are back with a 3 song EP showcasing more excellent songs following their self-released debut album Headaches and Heartbreaks in 2013. The new EP entitled Suck shows off the talent that all three band members wield.

The first song Fuck Vulcan is a fast paced hard rock/punk anthem with a great guitar solo embedded within the first 40 seconds. This song makes for a great opening track and enticed us from the first second, in fact the one downside is that it's only a minute and a half long. We'd love this song to be somehow elongated maybe by adding a verse or two and it'd definitely be a contender for a future single.

We were led into the next song by the brilliant sound of Michele Grimaldi's drumming and Danny Young's guitar playing collaborating to make an intense introduction before Danny's vocals busted in to embellish the song. Andrew 'Hobit' Stevens bass line is ingenious and really takes the song to the next level this was definitely our favourite song on the EP.

The last song Nothing Without Me rounds off an almost flawless set of songs combining the classic punk/rock sound of the late 80s/early 90s with modern 21st century rock. We were sad that this was the last track and we can't wait to hear more from these guys.

So if you like awesome rock music with fast drum beats, amazing vocals, guitar solos and a prominent bass line we highly suggest you head over to soundcloud.com/speedshotuk and download this epic EP for free.