Barren Womb - The Sun's Not Yellow It's Chicken

Norwegian punk band Barren Womb have just released their debut album The sun's not yellow its chicken. The band formed in 2011 with an intent of blending hardcore punk with black metal, grindcore and country. This noisy duo have expressed that they seek to create art with their music and leave some kind of mark on the world. The band also believe in putting freedom and expression back into music and don't limit themselves to the rules of one genre. While listening to their album all of their beliefs become clear as each song is diverse and packed full of emotion.

The first track on the album is titled Kill Hicks and opens with a frantic guitar riff before the vocals scream along with the amazing drum beat and disjointed side beat that fits between the first couple of verses in the song.
The next song that stands out is the third track Evil Prevails, the way the guitar leads you into the song before the drum beat kicks in is amazing and you just can't help being drawn in to this band. There's a moment in the song where all instruments stop and all you hear are the vocal screaming 'death never fails' adding a real intensity to the track.

The tenth track Zombies Never Go Out Of Style shows how great the band are at composing instrumental songs. It's a brave step to put something that seems experimental on a debut album but it works. The music builds throughout this track it'd make an amazing opening track for a live show. The eleventh track Assmasters of Reality is a fitting follow on from the instrumental. The guitar riff and drum beats compliment the vocals and lyrics perfectly.

This band is carving their own niche in the music industry and soon will have audiences that are looking for something unique flocking to them. For a first album it was pretty great, some songs could do with refining but the majority of them sounded like major hits. You can get this awesome new album on CD or Vinyl from the Spartan Records store or download it from iTunes.