Comeback Kid - Die Knowing

Comeback Kid have been lighting up the hardcore music scene, ever since their debut album 'Turn It Around' was released in 2003. Now eleven years later showing they're still going strong with the release their latest album 'Die Knowing.'

Scott Wade, the original vocalist formed the band fourteen years ago and toured through Canada's underground music venues. The band hit a bump in the road in 2007, when Wade announced that he was leaving, he was succeeded by then guitarist, Andrew Neufeld whose vocal style took the band to an entirely new level. As Comeback Kid started to write new material, their change in sound and vocal style began to attract a wider audience.

The title track Die Knowing, opens with a steady guitar building up the suspense. As the volume rises, the main riff kicks in with intensity, only then to be joined by the hard-hitting drumbeat and shrieking vocals, that carry just the right amount of energy and power. Making the track a defining statement for the band, whilst setting the pace and tone for the rest of the record. The momentum builds throughout the album, as Jeremy Hiebert's fast-paced style of guitar playing brings an immense and iconic feel to the record, demonstrating some of the best guitar shredding we've heard in years, with riffs and solos that leave their mark on every song.

Hiebert's guitar is a strong component to Wasted Arrows, which features as the third album track, where Neufeld's vocal style comes into its own. Singing every lyric with passionate intensity that his voice immediately grips you as soon it leaves the speakers. Wasted Arrows is fit to be a future single and we think it shows off the band's talent perfectly.

Kyle Profeta takes over the fourth track with an iconic drum style that takes the band to a new level, bringing all the instruments together to make one awesome sounding rock anthem. Whilst tracks five and six start to feel a bit repetitive, the seventh song titled Somewhere in this Miserable... redeems the album with a solid opening. The whole band pulls together to make another amazing and striking song that is an advocate for the album, with flawless song writing and composition.

Didn't ven mind could be considered the album's best track, though tenth on the album, the opening guitar riff accompanied by Neufeld's hard hitting lyrics, is one not to miss. Though it is easily overshadowed by the return of previous vocalist Scott Wade, who features on the next track. It's incredible to hear the two vocal styles co-exist as a part of the same song, taking their sound to yet another dimension.

The final track Sink in drew on all of the bands talents and left us wanting more, though that's all we'll say for now. With this album taking the band in an incredible direction, we can't wait to hear what comes next, so let's hope there's another album in the works, but for the time being you can purchase Die Knowing on iTunes and Amazon.